Monday, November 28, 2016

Linda's greenery rodeo

It started first thing Friday. I just made coffee and tried to keep a low profile. Christmas trees were in at IKEA for a super price, and she wanted some for construction materials. There were other places on the list to go as well. Thursday I had braved a dollar store to pick up those wet foam florist blocks. 30 of them. The clerk was giving me a funny look, but I didn't care. It was just a warm up for Costco. I survived, nobody got trampled, so it was win-win all round.

Linda spent much of the weekend working during the warmer daylight hours on the decorations, with time off Saturday for a movie with buddies. I got some shots along the way. Who knows what order blogger will put them in?

She likes to mix up different elements and I think it looks really good, if difficult to photograph what with the bushy green boughs and the tall sparkly thingies. It was a full weekend for her doing all this, rearranging, tweaking, till it was just right.

The lodge.

I was having a very tough time trying to get the sparkle to show up in the photos.

Here she is, hard at work, firmly planting an element in just the right place.

This is an inside one.

At last, some sparkle! I had to shoot through the window to the outside.

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  1. Lots of great images on your blog these days, Keith. (Just catching up on a few days. It's been a bit hectic here.) LOVE Linda's arrangements. What a lot of work!! I'll be happy if I manage to get one pot done. Not having a tree this year either since we'll be away for Christmas so will have to make do with lights and whatnot inside. Too bad about Nanowrimo but you've been rather busy with other things... And Celina's portrait is stunning! Love the light.


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