Sunday, November 6, 2016

Beautiful runny days

Fall is Calgary's best season. Here we are, early November, and the temperature is high teens. Sunny. What more could you ask for? Look at this.

Linda has been working hard putting the garden to bed for winter, pretty well finishing up today. There's still some cedar mulch to spread around, but that's for me to do tomorrow. Watch for pictures.

Ran Thursday and today. 5K in 33:40, and 9 K in 1:02:40. Both felt pretty good till just before the end, when things start getting cranky. But running in shorts and a tech shirt! What's not to like about that?

We just got Fargo season 1 out of the library, and I'm totally loving it! The intricate, interwoven story is fascinating me. Too many shows are a formula, and usually in this sort of thing you know the bad guy is going to get caught. I don't know that at all. So watching the police struggle with the murders because they can't find motive to tie it to a suspect is much closer to real life.

Thornton is perfect in his role, and while I thought Freeman had been miscast I'm not so sure now. We are trying not to binge watch it, but it's hard. We always want to find out what happens next. The twists and turns are inventive and just plausible enough. I've only caught one continuity error, a minor one, where the one kid that had his collar bone broken by the other, was seen shooting a compound bow soon after.

Speaking of intricate stories, NaNoWriMo is not going well by the numbers. I was all set to go yesterday, then realized that idea led into a complete dead end. Oops. Not sure what happens next, although Trump and the American election debacle is preying on my mind. I should consult my timeline and see what else could be happening that I can use for inspiration.

Let's play you out with cat photos. These were shot in the dark, and the settings are such that you really can't embiggen them. But I like the effect of how it softens and blends their fur.

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