Tuesday, November 29, 2016

First tusky photoshoot

Anyone reading this blog more than a year or so knows I periodically publish post-run photos of my tusks. They can be impressive if conditions are just right. I'm too lazy to post a link, but you could probably search for them pretty easily. Or, you could wait, and pretty soon in the great scheme of things I'll post another. Any week now.

But sunrise is often surprisingly cold and windy, even if the earlier morning wasn't. The sky looked really promising for sunrise. I headed out to a pre-scouted location, set up, and waited. Then the wind blew all the clouds away. I got a couple ok shots, but then zoomed off to see if I could get one of the sun lighting up the mountains.

Winner, winner, chicken dinner! I got one that is a shoe-in for the landscape calendar I'm working on, and several others that I think are pretty good. When I got back into the car I found my moustache had frosted up to the point I had a tiny little tusk.

Back to the photos. I'm figuring that later next year I'll have enough to do three calendars, skyline, landscape, and flowers. I might have enough now, but I'd be rushed trying to get them out. My thinking was to see if I could produce good images, and then think about the possibility of trying to sell them. I've had some really good compliments (thank you!), so I think the good images part is covered. Now I'm investigating a sales channel. (Rest assured, this blog is not going to turn into "buy my photos, buy my photos.")

Zenfolio is looking good at the moment, but I'm scoping it out in detail. I'm also investigating what else can be used to help sell photos. Ginormous framed photos on canvas come readily to mind, but I expect that most of my potential clients will want something smaller. But if you do want a big print, by all means come talk to me! Gift cards, small prints in various mediums, photo books, all come to mind as well. Anything else that a photo can go on, that you might buy if it was one of my photos?

Lots of social media likes for Linda's greenery post! Thanks for the kind words, she is appreciative.

The sun was just beginning to under light the clouds, but the wind blew them away faster than the sun was rising.

Zoomed off to Road to Nepal. By then the clouds were a long way off.

This is the first time I've got the fabled pink mountain shot, and I wasn't in the best place for it. But I know they exist and I will keep chasing them.

This isn't the winner landscape, but it's ok, and I like the rows of plant stubble leading you in. Todays winner shot might be the first one on Zenfolio.

Once home again I was trying out a panorama trick. (It didn't work.) But while I had that lens on the camera I caught Celina looking regal in the morning sun.

So a couple questions, if you don't mind. Feel free to leave a comment, or get back to me via email, Facebook, or Twitter.

  • Would you follow a link from this blog, or other social media to a site (call it Zenfolio for now) designed to show off photos, if what you got there was only the winner winner chicken dinner quality?
  • I've been pretty open that some photos here are, shall we say, a learning experience in progress, or are an aid to telling the story. Would you rather continue to see that continue, or would you rather see only periodic photos here that are winner winner chicken dinner quality?
  • What are the odds of you actually buying something with my photo(s) on it?

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  1. That shot of Celina is perfect! I'm always keen to support friends when I can-I like the idea of a calendar and would be interested. I would also go to another website to look occasionally. I do for Don's wildlife stuff.


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