Friday, November 4, 2016

It's November, not gonna mow the lawn!

Some of my neighbours have mowed their lawns quite recently. This is what mine looks like.

I don't care if the grass looks like it's drowning out the poor little new tree peonies. It's not going to get mowed till spring.

We were out for a lovely walk today, saying the long goodbye to the view along the 37th St green space north of Anderson. There's going to be a road going right through that wetland. I hope they recreate it somewhere nearby.

Along the way we discovered Bob's Bench.

I don't know who Bob is, if he's the one that made it, or if it was made in memory of him. It's beautiful.

Not far away are these bedsteads. They used to be quite common on the bike paths, and one set of them near Rocky View hospital were famous. They've gradually been removed because they are a menace to life and limb.

I've ridden my bike through these a few times, back when this was part of the path. They will be removed once construction starts.

Of course, the walk was just an excuse to walk over this bridge again.

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