Friday, November 25, 2016

Remember those two buds?

One of my favourite photography targets is Linda's garden. Some of you may recall that two rose buds have been featured several times, slightly out of focus, in focus, and with a slightly different colour balance. I was coming back from chatting with a neighbour and noticed that they are still hanging in there! So here is yet another photo of them, from a slightly different angle.

This would have been a lot easier to do if wasn't so darn windy out! I'd get all set up and the wind would blow them around.

The blew me around on the run today as well. Nice and warm for November so I wore shorts and a tech shirt. SHORTS, people, on November 25. 6K nice and easy, 40 minutes. Don't get too jealous, it's supposed to snow tomorrow.

In other news:

  • Yes we binged on Elementary Season 4. Awesome. Sherlock's father doesn't come into the original stories, but he is PERFECT here. One of the lines from a secondary character is, "Now, that's what a threat sounds like." And it does.
  • We did a secondary binge on Sherlock. Even though in the original stories Mycroft is corpulent, I do have to admit I like this series portrayal of Mycroft much better than in Elementary.
  • NaNoWriMo is on the verge of being recognized as out of reach this year. Sigh. I need a bunch of really good days of writing, and the story just isn't flowing at all. 
  • I was out for sunrise this morning with high hopes given the cloud cover, but nothing special.
  • Linda is busy doing exterior Christmas decorations. Once I'm cleared to take photos I will. Promise.

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