Monday, November 14, 2016

The moon, part two

What goes up, must come down. This morning had clear skies. You bet I was out there, but not entirely happy with the result.

I've learned I can reliably get an ok shot of the moon itself. Boring. The image I have in my head was moon set over downtown, big bright moon, bright buildings. Right place, right time, right skies. Technique was not quite right. It takes at least two separate images to get both the buildings and moon properly exposed. Each is a bit tricky on their own, and together is tricky and difficult. Maybe I'm missing something. That's ok. You start, you learn, you get better. I'll be trying the shot again, though probably not this afternoon. More clouds.

Found this image a little later. It only occurred to me then if I'd walked a little bit to my left I'd have seen the moon going down the side the building. Live and learn.

Here's another view of the building the moon disappeared behind, that leftmost one, shot during sunrise. It's dark material anyways, not much internal lighting for whatever reason.

I had a buddy come along, and we amused ourselves with some other shots. Here's a corner of Fort Calgary, with some tail light trails.

My buddy captured me, hard at work.

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