Thursday, August 13, 2015


Yes, it sounds like a wrestling league, and in some ways that's true, I suppose. But it's all mental wrestling. Words. Ideas. Selling books. Very difficult work. We need a chance to hobnob, consort, consult, and generally have fun with others like us.

When Words Collide is a weekend long writing convention. I've been to several now, and have a wonderful time. Looking forward to diving in tomorrow. I'm not ready for any of the pitch sessions, or other active editor interaction stuff, but I hope for next year.

I run into a surprising number of people I know there, which is always good. The first year I went I was astonished how many I knew. Let's see how many workouts I fit in.

Like today! Swim 1000 m, 18:30. 100 m 91 seconds. 100 m 92 seconds. That's back to my pre-race workout pace, which is good. And for the big surprise finish, 250 m in 4:20. That is a 17:20 pace for a 1000 m. I was beginning to get a bit sloppy though. Still, it's very encouraging. I think I have to do more of these longer intervals. Can a 1x of something be considered an interval? Hmmm.

We had a lovely dinner at Blink. The occasion is a secret, known only to a select few. We had wondered how busy it would be, what with the lay offs here. Normally a place like that would be pretty full about 6 with the after work crowd out for a nice meal, but today it was half full at best. Still a nice vibe though. I'd go back, I think.

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