Friday, August 7, 2015

The brain dead week

Some might blame watching the political debates, but I was kind of dragging it from the beginning of the week. After a 4 day weekend I was just beginning to get used to it.

Then it hailed, and hailed some more, keeping me from a run. It's been a tedious week for massaging data, and fixing errors made by data entry staff who lacked some of the basic literacy skills. There the paperwork is, plain as day, and the data says something else.

I've been feeling run down and trying to catch up on my sleep, so it's been pretty quiet on the fitness front, till today. I was back in the pool getting my shoulders moving again. There was a very happy making event, but it isn't mine to talk about, so I'll leave it there, with you all dangling in suspense. I was very pleased though.

It's the weekend again, and the top of my list is, (sigh) business tax stuff. It's one of those things that you just have to dig in and it's not so bad. But if you go back a year, you'll remember me saying much the same thing, and meaning to set up a system to make next time easier.

Here I am, next time, and no system set up. How is this possible? I have the tools. I know how to do it. There is lots of time available. The benefits are obvious. So why?

There is some shopping to do this weekend as well. I am firmly told that a speedo must be involved. In their dreams. The rule is, if you are credibly competing for the national swim team, you can wear a speedo as brief as you like. That is so not me. Nuff said, I hope. MEC here we come, Linda too.

The 1st Street homeless hangout has been de-grotiffied. Yes, those are lights set into the sidewalk. The renos are complete on the west side, and I expect them to start work on the east side next week. The only complication is scaffolding set up above the sidewalk where they are doing repairs to the west wall of the Palliser. I'm sure they'll work it out. The underpass is much nicer now. I wonder how long it will stay that way?

Did I mention I was going to sleep in tomorrow?

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  1. Happy sleep in, happy swimsuit shopping (because that's always so much fun). MEC has some nice suits but nothing nicer than your shark motif. Wow, nice job on the streetscape reno by your work. My work street is coming up on the Reno list too although I hardly see it anymore since I don't take the C-train much anymore. I things turn out OK for Curtis at the vet. Thanks for a nice happy milestone swim this morning!


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