Monday, August 31, 2015

Fish Creek view path

I wasn't sure about the whole darned thing today, starting with the alarm clock. Normally I'm on it before it goes off, but not today. It took a long time to get started.

By the time I got home I was mentally enthusiastic about a run, but my legs weren't so sure. They were feeling kind of creaky. But it's a beautiful sunny day, warm but not hot. No smoke. I had to at least try. As I was getting my shoes on I realized I didn't really want to run any of my normal routes. I wanted something new.

So I dodged down the garden path. Part of the neighbourhood has a central walkway with lots of grassy space. Today it was fresh mown. Quiet. A few people puttering in their back yard as I ran past.

From there it was sort of down into Fish Creek, then a hard left to the start of the path along the north edge of the park. The views are lovely! I ran along, having settled into an easy pace, lungs and legs both happy. My eyes were even happier! There are so many subtle shades of green, with some bits of red from some kind of bush just beginning to show up. Quiet. Peaceful. It was exactly the kind of run I was looking for. I ran a bunch of stuff out of my brain, and I'm happier for it.

Some of the path is paved, some is red shale. There's a bit of up and down. You can peer into the back yards of expensive houses to see how the rich live. At 3 K I had to decide if I wanted to go lots further or turn back for home.

My quads were feeling a bit tired, and I didn't want to turn this into a slog, so it was back home. More quiet streets, mostly. It ended up being 5 K, 36 minutes, all nice and easy and relaxed. Everything but the stairs were chat chat chat pace. I was careful on the stairs.

Lots of stretching once home again, trying to relax my quads. There is more than the usual amount of difficulty in writing this evening, because of a particular big orange cat who is determined to "help" me write. I'm pretty sure I've mentioned that paws can operate a track pad. One day he's going to put it all together and life as I know it will be over. Maybe you'll find him a more amusing blogger than me.

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