Tuesday, August 25, 2015

A smokey swim

Calgary is under an air quality warning. Smoke from forest fires in BC and Washington are a thick blanket over us. When we can see it at all, the sun is blood red. This morning it looked foggy out. One a scale of 1 to 10 for air quality, we are currently and 11 or 12. Parts of BC are a 14. My eyes are watering when I walk outside. I see people running but I don't think I'm going to until it clears up.

Michelle and I scored an open water swim in Lake Mackenzie tonight! Yay us! Really, yay her for organizing it. I was thinking of doing the under the bridge thing, but since the sun was already gone into the haze, I figured it would be pretty dark. I did an out and back, probably about a K. The water was lovely.

I'm still getting caught up after the cable modem failure. I was thinking about the lack of internet, and how things changed. Maybe I'll blog more about that. Some Sunday post swim photos to hold you over.

In the mean time, must zoom!


  1. Calgary is now at 16! Holy smokes! Score on the swim & the test run of my new neoprene!

  2. Love the pictures, Keith. You guys look really mellow. The air quality sounds grim though. Hope there's some let up soon.


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