Tuesday, August 11, 2015

A whole kilometer!

Back into the pool again, and swam a whole kilometer. Yes. Longest swim since the race. Since then various portions of my anatomy have been creaky, so I didn't push it.

Today was nice, if slow. Just on 19 minutes and it took about 750 m to warm up and feel strong in the water. There was some stretching and water running after, just to round things out.

Pounded out another 1500 words! Yay me! Here's the start of this chapter, as it's written now. Enjoy. Things might change.

Dwen paused at the half-flight of stairs up to the digester pump house. “Hang on a sec, Les, I just want to check the sump there.” She wriggled past the stairs. “It’s sure cleaner now since Kurt flooded the place.”

“That was before I started. I was chatting with some of the maintenance guys that did the cleaning and painting. They realized pretty quick it was actually a cushy job once the worst of the grease was gone and really got into it. Look, they even painted the lip on the cutout to the crawlspace.”

Dwen jiggled the pump float to make it run, then turned around to look. “Yeah. That was not long after I started, and I still remember how gross it was. Erik held me by my belt so I could look inside and see where stuff was piled up. Their glasses kept fogging up. I haven’t looked since.”

“I’ve never looked, is it still a mess under there?”

Dwen squatted and twisted the emergency light around to shine into the crawlspace. “I’d known it had dried out and was pretty clean, or most of it was.”

“How would you know that if you haven’t looked?”

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