Friday, August 14, 2015

Why I don't trust Blogger stats

For a long time, almost since the very beginning of this blog, my blog post 'stock at large means only one thing' was the most read post by far. Lately however, 'Run for Sherry, a bonus post' has been getting crazy readership. I don't believe it of course. Its been coasting along in readership obscurity, then had a day of reading that pushed it well up, then into the top 10. Some time today it jumped past 'Stock', and is almost 100 reads ahead.

Either people have been forwarding the link, or the bots have discovered it. And discovered it and discovered it, and so on.

In the mean time I've been hanging out at When Words Collide, a Calgary writer con. After a slow registration process, I found my first panel. It clearly explains why I've been having trouble plotting my books. I was trying to fit them to the wrong archetype. Just as written it fits much better into The Virgin's Promise structure.

I was sort of thinking I'd go for a run before the conference, but can you believe it? I actually went back to bed after making coffee for Linda. I even went back to sleep, lulled by the cat chorus. When I got up I was feeling really heavy, so passed on the run and was domestic instead.

Which leads me to weekend conference planning. I live so close that it didn't seem worth while to rent a room. But the more I think of it, having a bit of a home base here would be good. I could slide out for a run between panels, shower, and be back at it again. Sometimes just having a private space to relax and recoup your mental energy is a good thing. So far the best I can do is find a quiet place and watch the world go buy.

You think I misspelled that, but no. I'm in the dealer room at the con, watching people browse books. The big surprise of the weekend was running into my buddy Martin Parnell. I hadn't known he was interested in this. Glad to see he's up and around after some medical adventures.

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