Saturday, August 29, 2015

The prettiest yet

The smoke cleared a bit this morning. Long enough to go for a short run and get the photos below. In the space of a 2 K easy run the air went from fresh with a slight taste of smokey, to just smokey that was beginning to dry out my mouth and make my lungs unhappy. Still, it was my first run in a week or so.

Linda has started some garden clean up already, figuring if she leaves it, the job will only get bigger. In the mean time, there are more lilies! And cats, don't forget to scroll down for the cats.

The cats have been a bit more determined lately to be in my lap. Poor Curtis, Celina curled up on top of him.


  1. Stargazer lilies, my favorite!! They smell so good!!

  2. Actually are Extravaganza orient pet lilies in the photo. We have yet to acquire Stargazer lilies, mainly because the Flashpoint lilies won out over the shorter Stargazer variety.


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