Friday, August 21, 2015

29 exactly. To the day.

Do you remember what you were doing Aug 21 1986? As it turns out, I hadn't remembered either, till we had to go buy a new washer. Turns out we were buying a washer then, too.

It died this morning in a squealing grinding noise, with some burning rubber smells. I suspect the main bearings packed it in. Of course, we checked out getting it repaired. They chuckled, and said they wouldn't even begin to know where to start looking for parts. We can't complain.

The dryer is a similar vintage, and is still working, but isn't very electrically efficient, if it ever was. It's made odd noises too, sometimes. We decided neither of them owe us anything. Delivery tomorrow. I think that sale was the quickest ever for the sales person. We were trying to beat the Saturday delivery cut off time. We made it by seconds. No dilly-dallying about. We even caught a sale.

The other thing that happened today was snow. Mostly rain, but actual snow in there too. Did I mention it's August out there? I tried taking a photo but it doesn't show up.

The big news is that an actual real live editor asked me to send him The Sweet Elixir? And he's read the first chapter and a bit? He didn't buy it, of course. I knew that going in. But I know what to work on now. Back to the drawing board, as they say. 


  1. Snow?! That's insane. It's still mid-summer here. Or it feels like it anyway. Hope the warm weather return. Sorry about the washer. The old appliances were so much better than the new ones. Very cool that you hooked up with an editor. Good luck with the rewriting. I intended to do some writing today but got bogged down in a post about Ashley Madison.Think I'm going to delete most of it and try again. Have a good weekend!

  2. To amend the record, the washer was purchased August 21, 1986 - it was the dryer that was purchased in the 90's - July 11, 1998 as per the sales slip. This to replace a second hand dryer we'd purchased when we first moved to Woodbine in 1983. I had thought the washer was only 19 years old - it wasn't until I thought about the math that I realized it was actually 29 years old! A Maytag, model A212 - top load with agitator & manual controls. Our new set, to be delivered tomorrow, is also Maytag - we shall see if the new, fancy stuff lasts anywhere as long as the old model did. Linda.

  3. You mean you mean 29 isn't really forever? My mom always said she was 29. Forever. Congratulations on the editor contact. I enjoyed reading it! Enjoy the new toys!

  4. Either way, both appliances have served you well. I tried taking a pic of the snow as it was snowing at the UoC where I had to pick somebody good pics there. I'm excited that an editor asked to read your novel!!

  5. Is it weird that I wasn't even born yet when you bought it? Only two months and five days and I would have been :)


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