Monday, January 1, 2018

December Image of the Month

This time it was easy. Only 1500 or so to choose between, and only a few of them really rang my chimes. Without further fuss and bother, here it is. I'd like to tell you I spent hours sculpting the smear of ink.

There were a few Fish Creek landscapes that were pretty nice, but they were so recent you'd probably be bored if you saw them again.

So, going forward in 2018, what can you expect from this blog? In short, pretty much more of the same, if all goes well. When I got the good camera, I set a goal of posting at least one photo every day, and I've more than exceeded that. I can just imagine some of my readers saying, 'what, MORE of that??' I'd still like to be sharing my photos, but there might be some changes.

I used to go out, take photos, and post whichever ones appeared good. Now I'd like to be a bit more focused. I'm thinking of putting a 'recent' tab on my photo blog for the good shots as they happen. The ones I think of as being artistic. This blog will have what I think of as documentary shots, (me/buddies were here and had fun), shots that either illustrate the point of a blog or drove the creation of a post, (like the 2 shots in Nowheresville). Shots of the cats, because I know that's the main reason many people come here. I'll still do photo of the month here and on the photo blog. Macro Monday will happen periodically.

There have been a few rants along the way, and those will continue as the inspiration strikes me. There might be a few more thoughtful essays about whatever topics take my mind. A couple people have asked about novel publication, and I have to admit I suspect that isn't going to happen, as such. I am considering creating a separate blog specifically for extracts. I'm thinking of publishing chapters, or short story sized chunks and the readers, if any, can put them together as they will. I need to think about ensuring my rights are secure, so don't hold your breath waiting.

I love comments and want to hear from my readers, but there are a few things to know. I turned off allowing anonymous comments because the spam-bots found me. Blogger is pissy about people trying to comment from a mobile platform. I'm sorry about that, but there doesn't seem to be anything I can do about it. All comments are moderated, but I'm usually pretty quick about seeing them coming and approving them. If you want to comment, feel free to say it on Facebook, Instagram, or text me, or email me, and I'll copy it to blog.

Other social media. Tweeting won't work, I've turned Twitter off and don't miss it. I'm still figuring out Instagram. I hate that it trims my panorama shots, so I won't post them there. It isn't the best platform for displaying nice photos, where I want to embiggen them and appreciate the detail. I'm happy to read any advice you might have about Instagram.

Image of 2017 is going to be tough. I'm still working on it, and want to reflect on it a bit. Like image of the month, the criteria for the choice drives the decision. Not a decision to be made hastily. Whichever it is, I'm likely to get it printed.

Lastly, welcome to the new year! Hope it's everything you dream it will be. Now go kick ass and make it happen.


  1. Happy New Year. I look forward to more of the same (with some changes).
    Cheers, Sean

  2. Happy New Year, Keith. Have you looked at/considered Wattpad? I'm back on Twitter, only in an attempt to be accountable for my massive #365 project. Always interested in what you have to say...don't comment much any more, but doesn't mean I'm not here. Love the photos - love the cats - love the swim 'lessons'. Cheers.


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