Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Two planters awaiting spring.

Yesterday afternoon I was peering out at the sky, wondering if there was another shot to be had, then I looked down. The afternoon sun was illuminating some of the garden planters, bringing up their deep rich blue, some shadowed purple splotches, and the bright highlights.

We put them there to await spring, which is still months away, or so we think. They seem to be peering out of the snow, almost ready to go. I suspect they are still frozen to the patio stones.

 This one isn't awaiting spring. It's hard at work showing off the display Linda created. The late afternoon light was good to it as well, so I figured I wouldn't leave it out.

There was a super duper lunar eclipse last night. The sky forecast didn't look good for Calgary, though there was supposed to be a patch of clear sky off to the west. Maybe there was, I've seen the notifications that some of my photo buddies have posted photos, but I haven't seen them yet. I didn't feel like chasing it; I've got things to do this morning.

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