Monday, January 1, 2018

Recent hidden gems

As I've been going through 2017 photos, there have been any number of times I've thought to myself, "what on earth was I thinking?" Most of them it's a bad photo, and I can't imagine why I clicked the shutter. But there have been some winners that I can't understand why I didn't edit them at the time. In no particular order.

Oh, and you may have missed the December Image of the Month, since I've snuck in an extra blog today, so my readers could see these gems before I lost them again.

Most rose hips are bright red, but I liked the almost diseased look.

 I love the these peachy orange tulips.

Celina on the hunt.

No idea what flower this is.

This one is more what you'd call a documentary shot, of my buddy Sean hard at work capturing a photo you can see here.


  1. Thanks for the link and I love the ghosting. I have sent you copies of a couple of ghosts you may enjoy. Cheers, Sean

  2. Love the photo of Celina and the way the light captures her whiskers. In your shoes, I might tighten the cropping just a bit though.


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