Sunday, January 28, 2018

More colour!

You never know with sunrises. Another example where the show was off to the west. I was swooning over the purples and mauves.

That second looks a little odd compared to the first. I was trying to build a panorama, and I think the perspective is slightly off. Still, I wanted to capture some of the purple clouds against the slowly brightening sky.

This is the more conventional view off to the east, but I was a little bit meh about the whole thing. Maybe if there had been a bit more cloud.

Normally I'm all about the golds, oranges, and yellows, as you'll see in tomorrow's Macro Monday. But something about the purple and mauve really touched how I was feeling. Lately I've been thinking of photos that aren't of anything in particular, but are colour. I tried doing that a bit with my abstracts, but I pushed too hard. I'm looking for something a little more subtle now.

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