Thursday, January 11, 2018

What did it do?

Take a look at this lonely earth mover.

Ostracized from the herd. There was a big line on the other side of the field off to my left as I took that shot. Is there such a thing as a snotty equipment clique? There is some equipment working way off in the distance. Maybe it's broken down, and is awaiting it's fate, whatever that might be for such equipment. I'm pretty sure it doesn't involve being taken to the glue factory. I'm also pretty sure you can't dump such a thing into a regular car shredder either. Maybe it was a bad earth mover, and this is a time out. Maybe it just needs a minor repair and will be back to work soon.

These other photos were taken near Anderson road and the new ring road. Just behind that earth mover used to be a pond and wetland area.

I like these stark, high contrast photos of brilliant sun and white snow with deep shadows.

I didn't walk all the way to it, but it looks like Bob's Bench didn't need to be moved after all. The new road curves off to the left. Anyone sitting there might get a good view. Maybe I'll try that next walk up that way. Maybe I'll pose Linda on it for another shot.


  1. The scraper got a time out because it wasn't playing nice with the grader. There was bad gravel between them. I have been thinking of a machinery at night series, and I am currently looking for locations. Let me know if you are interested. Cheers, Sean

  2. So, I came back to the last 3 photos because something was bothering me about them. Here are my two cents. Focus, exposure, and aperature all look great. The framing to my eye doesn't match your stated appeal. Oddly enough the most dominant element of the photos appear to be the hydro poles and light standards. Cheers, Sean


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