Saturday, January 6, 2018

Toys for little and big kids

I like looking around familiar places at night, or when there's lots of snow, or when the light is different. Even the familiar can be striking. Like this playground. I've run, walked, or biked past it countless times, and never thought of taking a photograph till now.

While I'm on the topic of photographs, I think I have my image of the year. Gonna sleep on it, and make sure. I've been dithering for a while.

Of course, bigger kids have bigger toys. I'm not sure how long this truck has been sitting here. What's odd is how it looks bluish in the shot, when in life it's a dull flat black.

I don't have a photo of it, but one of my neighbours is building an airplane in his garage. Not a model,  a real one that him and his wife can fit into. He's enjoying the process, and I love chatting to him about it.

Everybody has their own toys, and other people usually don't understand. I didn't get adults playing with lego till I realized they had built computers into them, and one could build complicated machines. One of my buddies (this was back in the mid 90's) was so excited for his little boy to get old enough to start playing with the Mindstorm lego. That boy now maintains jets for the military. Talk about your BIG toys!

Lots of people don't understand cameras. There's days I'm not sure I yet understand them, but it's a voyage of discovery.

I love looking through the Lee Valley Tools catalog. I suddenly yearn for tools I hadn't known existed. It makes me want to take up hobbies so I have an excuse to buy the tools. We get it doubly, since they put out a garden catalog as well, full of everything one could want related to gardening. Then there's the tools for the kitchen, and the gifts. It never stops.

What are your favourite toys?

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  1. Ah, yes, the Lee Valley catalogue. We love it when the Christmas edition arrives and we discover gadgets we didn't know existed. Luke salivates over all the woodworking tools he'd love to have but knows he wouldn't use. The gardening catalogues are favs as well.


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