Wednesday, January 3, 2018

The Fish Creek Tree

Here is a new year, well underway. Sunny, starting cold but getting warmer. News flash! Calgary is no longer colder than either of the poles. People have been emerging from their homes, blinking at the light, and trundling around without quite so many layers on.

The pool has been quiet my last few visits, but today is getting back to the usual form. A few new people but I don't know if they are resolutionistas or what. A couple swim clubs were in, but they seemed sort of half hearted about the whole thing. Maybe the coach is just getting them back into the groove to start working off the Christmas flub.

I certainly need to do that. Holy Doodle! Dialling back on the run might have been good to give my legs a rest, but it's been bad for the gut flub. Starting to work it off. We should have given more of the GF cookies to BRBE. She has the discipline to freeze some, hide some, and ration them out. Not me. I see cookie, I eat cookie. But so far this year I've been to the pool twice, and I've been out for two photo walks (see below.)

I took this photo a while ago, and I've been meaning to put it into a blog, but somehow other, older photos have been muscling it aside. Yes, still working on the photo review. This isn't of anything in particular. It's just pretty, or I think so. I like the colours gradually fading into one another. You can try to guess what the base image is, if you like.

Fish Creek is an interesting park. The west end, closest to where I live, is hilly and thickly wooded with evergreens. It is stunningly beautiful any time of year. There are some meadows here and there if you know where to find them.

The east end is more of a plain, wide open grasslands. A couple times riding my bike home from work I've struggled through that area, head down into the wind, churning along at a mighty 15 KpH. A couple times I've baked my brains out 'running' the last leg of a half iron down there.

Along the way is one tree out in the middle of the plain. I've looked at it many times as I've run or rode my bike past it, and have wondered about it's suitability as a photo subject. I wonder no longer. I shall return.

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