Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Scouting under a dull sky

Some days your photo sense just tingles. The light looks nice, or you've got a great subject lined up, or you have an idea that you just know will work out.

Monday was not one of those days for me. I wanted to get out with the camera, but the sky was dull, and I didn't have a particular place in mind at first. Then I thought of that lonely tree in Fish Creek, and decided to walk around that area some more, mainly as a scouting trip to see if I could come up with some interesting ideas. Then I remembered Ralph Klein park, and wondered if the wetland would freeze over, or if there was enough flow that it would stay open. It was frozen. The building was closed.

I took a scenic route back to the house, and scoped out the pathway near Glenmore and Heritage, but nothing really compelling jumped out at me.

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  1. A buddy commented "That picture of the footprints in the snow is a forlorn one indeed.'


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