Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Three distant skylines

The first of the view parcels. I am always amazed how far away you can see the Calgary skyline from. This first one is about 40 Km away, seen dimly through a bit of haze with a 200 mm lens and a bit of judicious cropping.

These next two are closer, at about 32 Km. What might interest you about these shots is they were taken a really short walk apart, a few dozen steps at most. The landscape changes quick out here.

I found more skylines today while out for a walk, but these are more scouting ones, confirmation I could see what I thought I could see, and what would the camera see with a particular lens. So that worked. None of the pictures are so artistic they are worth burning the midnight oil to include here. You'll see some of them eventually. Or not. The one of Curtis is a keeper though, that will show up.

Stay tuned.

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