Tuesday, March 14, 2017

The dragon spine, as I thought of it

I sure hope you aren't sick of photos from Fish Creek. Sometimes you know as you take a photo that it's going to be good. Other times you know it could be, if you tweak the settings or shift the position of the camera a bit, or use a different lens (if you have one), or you hang tough and wait for the light.

This was the second. I was walking upstream of bridge 3 and could see this grouping of trees sloping over the river. I took some shots as I got closer, but they were just ok. There was a dead tree in the river that looked interesting, and got more so as I got closer.

I thought it had an wonderful shape and walked around it. As soon as I got close to the other end I knew there was a great shot with the sloping trees, if I could just find it. Here you are.

The camera was actually sitting on the tree, with me draped all over the roots, trying to get the camera positioned and focussed just so, and playing with settings.

I'm confident that once the weather gets much nicer this would be a great spot to bring a model to pose on the tree. Any of my trail running buddies want to combine a photo session and a run along the river?

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