Saturday, March 4, 2017

February Image of the Month

Yes, I know today is the 4th, and you've all been losing sleep wondering about the image of the month. Will it be one of the many landscapes? A reflection? One of the Fish Creek bridges? A sunrise skyline? So many choices. But first, the two semi-finalists.

This is Raven Rocks shot during a snowy snowshoe walk in Fish Creek. It's a vertical panorama shot with the Canon 100 mm lens. I like how the path in the snow leads in from the bottom corner and echoes the lines of the hill. I tried tightening the crop to just below the bush on the lower right, but that looked unbalanced.

This was shot from the Rideau bridge one morning after a sunrise downtown skyline shoot. I'd played with it a bit, then had the sudden realization that turning it upside down made for a stronger image. I like the texture in the water and ice, and the clarity of the reflection, with the crumbly bits of the bank offsetting the serenity of the rest of the image. Then there's that beautiful sinuous line in the snow. Shot with the Sigma 17-50 mm.

Picking the image of the month this time was a no brainer. I worked more on figuring out the runner ups. Every time I go past this image I stop and look. It almost happened by accident. I noticed that the flame seemed to be curling up around the kettle a bit more than usual, and wondering if the camera would capture the colour of the flame. 

Well, holy doodle! I tweaked the position of the kettle so the handle matches up perfectly with the hood fan and lines up with the doorway. The reflection of the cupboard and fridge creates some interest off to the left, with the tiny spot of red adding a bit more interest. That's actually a silicone oven mitt, if you were wondering. Plus it's a selfie, with me lurking in there hiding behind the camera. The warm and creamy yellow of the room together with the bits of less polished kettle adding more texture. And the colour of the flame! This is why I got a good camera. I'm up to about 15K images, and this is the second one I'd like to frame. The first one is here. I still need to get to Resolve.

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  1. I like the last shot very much but there's something about the first one that speaks to my soul. Lovely capture, Keith.


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