Friday, March 3, 2017

Loving Fish Creek

Here's one from last week.

I was down for another photo walk in Fish Creek today, after an awesome start to the day in the pool, then a coffee at the market. I saw 4 photographers. One doing engagement shots, a birder (chatted with her), and two others just finishing up. I think they were landscape photographers, but I'm not sure.

There's a bit of a log jam just upstream of Bridge 3. I've walked around it many times, but never got up close and personal with it till today. Some of the photos look promising; I'll be developing them later today. My thinking was lines in composition, trying to find pleasing shots of dead trees, while not falling through ice or impaling myself on branches. It all went well.

Something clicked with composition for me just recently. I was looking at a shot I'd done of the front garden emerging from snow. This one.

It's a perfectly nice shot, the light is semi-ok. It's in focus. But it's only when editing it that I realized the composition was all wrong. The triangle of grass doesn't do anything, and having the 7 horizontal lines not lining up with either the top or the bottom is just a distraction. I played with the angles more today.

The light is't as interesting, but the whole shot seems more balanced. At least I think so. Your thoughts?

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