Thursday, March 16, 2017

Broken trees

In one of the earlier blogs I talked about trees lying half in and out of the creek, hanging on with every root to stay alive. Some pretty dramatic weather comes through the park. Everybody knows about the flood a few years ago that carried away several of the bridges. The wind can blow hard enough to snap trees.

There's a few I've seen where I want to get back with the 100 mm lens and get some nice close up shots of the splintered wood.

In other news fitness stuff is going ok. Running is slowly coming back now that my quads and hams aren't so cranky. Till Wednesday the swim was doing really well, but things were really stiff then. I've even been on the bike a couple of times for easy spin then some stretching and core work. I even did a minute of (gasp!) plank all at once.

I'm starting to think about equinox photos. Anyone want to get together for a sunrise or sunset session? Let me know.

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