Monday, March 6, 2017

Sweet as

Theres a great line in Snatch, where Alan Ford playing Brick Top, has been waiting for Turkish to come back and open his safe. A cup of tea is somehow requested, and Turkish asks. "You take sugar?" and Brick Top (an absolutely horrible man that delights in being horrible says "No thank you, Turkish; I'm sweet enough." I nearly peed myself and the entire scene. The whole movie is pretty funny too, in an off beat way.

Linda was out shopping the other day and came across honey. I love honey. Some would say that's good because I'm not sweet enough.

The normal supply is solid honey from Greidanus honey mill by the 3 Kg pail. Some of you might know that absolute honey perfection is crystallized honey, with a bit of liquid still in it. Clover by preference, since that reminds me of the honey my Grandpa made from his bees. I was terrified of bees back then, as fall out from an incident with a wasp's nest, but I loved the honey.

Liquid honey is fine too, and it comes in these lovely colours.

The black lines you see? That's not a defect. That's the upside down reflection of the trees across the road. Plus for a bonus, it's acting as a polarizing filter, showing some detail in the clouds that I couldn't see unless I looked really carefully.

Such rich colour. I didn't tweak the colour at all in Lightroom.

The unexpected treat that I should have realized is that as the honey gets darker, the chance of a selfie goes up.

Plus the house too! Such a bonus for you guys. My learning is that I should have taken the tag off the jar. This is good practice for when I want to photograph my glass paperweights. I've never been happy with any of the photos of them.

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  1. Love the honey pics! Oh, and I love honey, too!! Although we did pick up some clover honey and I wasn't overly thrilled...maybe taste buds aren't finely attuned yet :)


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