Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Requiem for the bud-dies

Remember these two? Those are the two rose buds that never bloomed last fall.

That photo is from Jan 7, and I don't think I've blogged it. There's a bunch of photos from Jan 29, (which has a link in it that leads to yet more photos of them) and the last photo I have of them is from Feb 6.

I had hoped that they would hang in there till spring. In fact Linda and I had discussed what exactly would happen to them, and I'd asked her to leave them be as long as possible, till I got a 'last shot' of them. Well, I missed it somewhere in the last month. I was out the other day to look for them and they aren't there anymore. Sigh.

They did so well, and are easily the most photographed single plant so far. I'm sorry that nobody took me up on my offer of coffee and a chance to shoot them. They were so photogenic and eager to please. I'm happy to do the coffee thing, but we'll have to shoot something else.

There are 82 photos with the keyword "2budsshot', which doesn't count the rejects, and since I wasn't consistent about keywording I may have missed some. Here they all are. Yes, you'll have to put on your good glasses. I suppose if someone just forced me, I could come up with a themed display for a gallery. 6 of them have 5 stars, and 7 have 4, which means I like them a lot.

So if you've got a thing for rose buds, or want to give your sweetie a different rosy present, come talk to me and we'll pick out the image you like best.

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