Monday, March 27, 2017

Here we are, between

Spring in Calgary is cruel. People are sick of winter, and the snow is almost gone. The ground is beginning to thaw out. The dog poop is well and truly emerged and it has thawed out.

People can't wait for this.

They want to be outside, relaxing, not worried about frostbite.

Yet this wasn't so long ago.

Mark my words, Calgary. There is some winter left. We are almost certain to get at least one more good snowstorm between now and the May long weekend. Stay strong.

The first of those was taken last fall, and revisited over the weekend to bring up the colour a bit. The second is a winter sunrise looking west. (duh!) Also tweaked a bit to bring up the light on the trees.

Why, yes, I was outside barbecuing today. Bison burgers, since you ask. And the day before. Steak, if you were wondering. Both so yummy. But we didn't eat outside. One of the patio chairs is still frozen into the the ice in the shadowy parts of the patio.

Did you know that TIFF files are a lot bigger than full sized JPEG files? Like 5 to 7 times bigger? Fairly soon I hope to be able to show you why and how I know that now.


  1. The second one has been pushed, but it is not excessive. I like it.

  2. I'm soooo ready for spring to arrive. Freezing rain here today with more snow in the forecast tonight. Having a lot of trouble getting motivated to train in this crap. Love the second shot. The light is great!


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