Monday, March 22, 2010

working in workouts around work

Yeah, I know, blah blah blah, work work work, suck it up princess, HTFU, and get on with it. Well excuse me puhlease, I'm enjoying the novelty of trying to get workouts done around a work schedule again. For the next few weeks I'm on a fairly regular schedule while I'm going through training on the systems and tools. I think it will be ok. Once the training is done, I can work my own schedule, so I'll probably start a little later to get in longer swims and runs, and not have to hustle so much on changing and showering. For now, an 8am start gives me about 1.5 hours after dropping Linda off to do about 15-20 minutes of driving and get a run or swim done out of Renfrew pool, better known to my fans as FOMC.

In fact, it probably isn't better known. Several people have asked, so I might as well explain. Renfrew is a very social pool. There are two communities that show up, the Italian and Chinese. They get along perfectly, lots of multi-lingual chat happening. There is a third community, one of large elderly men. Some very large, and very elderly. Most of them seem to be well to do. I tell all my single female friends that if they want to be a well off widow fairly soon, show up and be prepared to chat. The only thing I don't like about this pool is that the pace clock is badly placed for the people who will actually use it.

Today I swam at the Inglewood pool, since I had to go south for the first part of the orientation day. Inglewood is very old pool. It has about a foot of wall above the waterline, and the shallow end is really shallow. Really really shallow. As in 2.5 feet at most. I can easily touch the floor doing front crawl (but I'm keeping my elbows high, so I don't). I concentrated on my flip turns very carefully and banged my tailbone only once. One hour, lots of drills. I could feel the rust coming off during the swim, and the water feel coming back. Not a fast swim particularly, but very enjoyable. Worked the lungs a bit harder, and they were fine with that.

After a bunch of internal debate about what I should do this evening for a workout, I ended up doing the scheduled run. About 3/4 of it. The plan called for 40 minutes, and I did 30. My left calf and knee started hurting again. The last few minutes were a walk run thing. I really must mention this at my doctors appointment in April. Stretched and rollered really good after. Yes, Julie, I'm probably holding stretches for 30 seconds. I know the ones in the pool are if I can see the pace clock. Pigeon pose is at least a minute by the watch. Maybe I should look at the watch for all of them. Rollered and stretched more after dinner. oooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

As for removing dust bunnies, I'm soft-hearted about them, till I'm bullied into it by Linda, who is just brutal on the subject. Poor innocent dust bunnies; they make such a tragic shriek as they vanish into the maw of the merciless vacuum cleaner. We suspect Amelia the cat of contributing to the well being of the dust bunnies.

Not sure if ELF reads my blog, but her recent post on what people find themselves free to say about and to pregnant people is extremely funny. It was even funnier when I was introduced to my new coworker Sharon who is due in August. My head INSTANTLY filled with all the things I couldn't say to her. I don't think I slipped up.


  1. Uh oh, sorry to hear you are still having calf and knee pain. Hopefully all that stretching and rolling will help. Don't forget ice!

    Good luck figuring out how to fit in work and working out. Welcome to my world!

  2. Wait, why only your single female friends? Mightn't some of these large, rich, elderly men be gay? Or willing to "experiment"? Or at least have really, really bad eyesight? "O, that? Ignore it, sweetie, I just dropped a bratwurst in my lap at breakfast and haven't had time to brush it off me yet. Why, yes, thank you, it IS a rather large brat, if I do say so myself ..."

    I say whatever I want to fat-@$$ preggos because I figure I can outrun them for at least the last two trimesters of their pregnancy.

    With the possible exception of carpe viam, whom I would never call a fat-@$$.

    To her face, at least.

  3. Ok, so I was talking to Sara about your leg pain -- her first suggestion was physio....especially since the pain has been there for so long. (I have been worrying about you!)

    Hope it gets sorted out soon!!

  4. Back off, Glaven! Those fat, rich decrepit men are MINE!!


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