Monday, March 15, 2010

Some slips, some falls, some blood

The schedule called for a hike in Fish Creek today. It's cross training this week so there isn't much, if any swim bike run. I decided to hit some trails on the south side of the river. This is a very pretty area, lots of evergreen trees on a steep slope, crisscrossed with trails of various sizes. Now, steep slope is a bit of an understatement in some places. This is an actual escarpment. Fall down it and you end up in a mostly frozen river.

I decided to follow some of the smaller paths up and down the hill. This was more of an adventure than I had anticipated. There's been a lot of melt lately and the path is usually a bit of a gully, so it's pretty icy in places. I had a couple of falls where I was expecting it, so I landed on my hands. The tricky part is that the sides are icy too, but only as a thin film. You can see the ground, so you don't think there is ice. That led to a couple unexpected falls, one of which wasn't good at all. There's a spot on your hand where most people rest it when they're writing. That very spot has a gouge in it about the size of a dime, although with surprisingly little blood. My right elbow has a big bruise that I'm icing. I don't think my tailbone is bruised. I'm just glad nobody was watching.

The rest of the walk was really good, since I had decided I was going to be very careful about how I went down. In the end, down was down a paved and cleared path. All this was just under 1.5 hours. I figured get it done in the morning while the ground was still frozen. Later today some of the places I went will be a bog.

A quick lunch and shower later, I was in for my massage. Things are better, though the top of my right hip flexors is in tough shape. She advises icing and working that in some very specific ways. I'm feeling a bit like I've been whacked with a frozen wet cod, so I think I'll go do some icing and rollering, then get on with the project at hand.


  1. ZOMG, Keef!1! Someone did see it and record it with their iPhone AND upload it to youtube already!1!

    Looks painful ... but also - FUNKAY!1!

    Isn't an escarpment a fancy French snail? What was THAT doing on your hill? If you stepped on that, no wonder you slipped!

    Freaking French, leaving their cuisine out for unsuspecting Canucks to slip on!

    "Frozen wet cod" and "project at hand" are so close to each other that I'm kinda afraid to ask just what you're doing to yourself right now, Keef.

  2. So you "landed on your hands", have a bruised bottom and then had a "massage". Presumably of the happy ending variety as is insinuated with the "whacked with a frozen wet cod" euphemism.

    Energetic day for you, my Kanadian friend. You might want to get yourself tested. You know, just in case that cod had anything.

  3. That title had me thinking you'd be sharing intimate details of your first sexual experience. I was initally disappointed, but then Glaven and Xenia's comments cheered me right up.

    if you were expecting mature, thoughtful comments you'll have to wait for a kanadian.

  4. Ok, thought I'd be the first... to share a thoughtful comment :P!!!

    Take it easy on the trails for crying out loud! It is CROSS-TRAINING, not super hard-core ice climbing!! LOL!!!!

    So good that nobody saw -- funny that's the first thing we think of eh? Hee-hee!

    I keep getting funny looks from my swim mates and the swim coach every time I say "Sorry!" or "Thanks!" Do you know how odd a feeling it is to be in a country that speaks English yet we still don't understand each other? LOL!!!!

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  6. You should always be careful about "how you go down." And it's only a "paved and cleared path" if you're going down on....

    What sort of schedule is this anyway?

    G-You TOTALLY took my escargo comment. Damn you.

  7. honestly, i was afraid to open your blog. with you one never knows if there are going to be icky teeth, blood and guts photos.

    yes, i'm still scarred. LOL.

    sorry to hear you fell. glad it wasn't worse though!

    let me know if you need a donut to sit on. tee hee.

  8. Whatever 開心唷 said, it musta been disgusting if YOU felt the need to remove it.

    LuMu? Meet your MATCH! I have seen* the future of disgusting, and it is 開心唷!

    * "Seen" here = "not seen". But it was just as convincing.

  9. ouch. Hope you feel better tomorrow.

  10. EEEK!! Take er easy out there! What we do to our bodies. With the bruises you just look hard core!!

  11. Cross training is waaay harder than tri training then?!

    And, Julie, YES, I do know what it's like to be in a country that speaks English but no-one understands you - hahahahaha! Welcome to my world :)


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