Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Too Soon After Eating

Still figuring this out. If I'm going to get on the trainer after work, I'm going to need to eat before I leave work. If I eat at home, there doesn't seem to be time to let my stomach settle, and get in a workout, and relax a bit before going to bed.

Even giving it a bit more than an hour my tummy was complaining just to start the core. Which mostly sucked by the way, just in case you were wondering. Forward lunges were very wobbly to start and got worse, especially with the right leg forward. Pushups were a horror show. Plank flopped out much sooner than expected. Wall sit, even without the fit ball had my quads just above my knees threatening to rip themselves out of my body and snap up into my eyeballs. The heels up 6 inches was very bad, my abs were killing me for that. Upright rows were ok.

I pushed on to the bike, and this is where I realized it really was too soon after eating. A warm up effort had me beginning to wonder if I would make it through the workout. Trying to get over 100 rpm, even after 15 minutes of warmup, made it clear I'd lose my dinner even attempting the workout. I bailed.

Rollered and did a bit of gentle stretching. There is still a bit of a cough happening every now and then. It feels like there's still a layer of guck on my windpipe. Most of the time I don't notice it, but once I start relying on getting lots of air in and out, or it's toward the end of the day, it seems to get much worse.

Tomorrow will be busy. Swim in am, testing us at work on the material we learned today and then get more, supposedly an hour run (no way), and yoga. Looking forward to yoga.


  1. Yeah...I really struggle with this too, especially if I workout later in the day. It doesn't seem to be much of an issue if I run/workout in the morning when I am likely to just not eat (or only eat a piece of toast, or a 1/2 a Cliff bar or something like that)...but later in the day? GAH!

  2. my best advice, should you wish to have it and feel free to ignore, is to have a snack at work. around 2 or 3pm. make it a good one - carb/protein mix. i used to do that and for the most part it worked out, although sometimes depending on how many workouts in the day or the week, i might need a smidge more. it will take a bit of getting used to your new schedule, but you'll figure it out! :)

  3. Ah, I never figured out that one too. But Susi might be right.

  4. Are you talking about eating dinner before your workout? No way. Running (well, ok and swimming) are really the only activities that give me problems before the workout so I totally have to plan those, but otherwise eating something an hour before hand is usually ok.

    When I have my speedworkouts in the evenings (they don't start until 5:45ish) I usually eat someting light around 3 and then nothing until dinner later. Late dinner. I don't like it, but it is what it is.

  5. Tummy?

    Butch up, Keef! That's your gut!

    Ow. My pee-pee hurts.

  6. For my evening workouts, which start b/t 6-6:30pm I'll have a snack around 4pm if I have time or a sandwich right before. Otherwise, if I can hold off, I'll eat later that night around 8:15pm

  7. I am thinking about taking up yoga this summer...there is a place downtown I could go straight after work and then home. Something I have wanted to try and give a seriousl effort but have not had the time!!

  8. For me, I can't eat a real full meal before any workout -- except my morning swim. Only small meals - 2 hours before a run, and 1 hour before a bike. Then, I replenish with bananas, a bit of granola bar, PB&J sandwich whilst riding/running.

    I prefer to work out a but hungry rather than being full -- it teaches me what foods I can tolerate on the bike and how much I need to eat while riding.

  9. I seem to be at home to Mr Stitch a lot of the time, so I'm not eating anything within 3 hours of going off for a run, and as long as I start slowly it seems to do the trick.


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