Sunday, March 14, 2010

Did I? Or didn't I?

Zoomed up to the Red and White club in good time for the start of the 10 K. Ran into Leana, and once again, my elusive race buddy Kelly R snuck up on me. One of these days I'll see her first. In the end I decided not to run. The problem was that I was feeling good enough that I was pretty sure I could get through it, but that wasn't the point. The idea was to work a 10K into my workout schedule and see where I was for fitness. Between a lingering cold, and wonky legs the results wouldn't have told me anything I don't already know. And that was the best outcome.  It would be reasonable to assume I'd trash my legs and put off my recovery. At worst I'd actually injure myself in the attempt. If this had been my A race, I'd have had a go, but my goal is Ironman Canada. Let's keep things in perspective, shall we?

Weekly Summary
Swim 1.75 hrs
Bike 0.5 hrs
Run 0.15 hrs
Walk 0.65 hrs
Core 2.0 hrs
Total 5.0 hrs

I am seriously pissed at this lingering cold. Most of the time I feel fine, just a little hollowness in my lungs and knowing I'm still a bit congested there. But as soon as I try to put out any real effort, like what I'd normally consider a warm up pace, my lungs start sending protest notes. And my legs still suck. More massage tomorrow.


  1. Red and White club? Is this a wine club? Drinking before a 10k isn't the smartest of choices, but hey, if LooMoo starts drinking at 8am and then races, I suppose you can too.

  2. I wish I had some solid advice for you on the cold-but mine lasted for 6 months last year so I'm the last person you want to listen to. The only thing I didn't do was take an extended amount of time of from training so perhaps there's something to that.

    Good call on the 10k. You are spot on with your goals. loved the term wonky legs-you are funny.

    I really hope you start to feel better soon, Keith.

  3. Good choice! Bummer about the cold though - fingers crossed it'll bugger off somewhere else soon :)

  4. Probably a good decision not to run, Keef.

    Man, have you seen a doctor yet about that cold? Or did I just invite a rant by mentioning the "d" word?

  5. I'm sorry you weren't able to race! It was great to finally meet you though, and I'm sure I'll be seeing you at a few more races this year too. ;)

    Hope you feel better soon! Sorry to hear about the fall as well!


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