Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I have ellipticated

In fact I don't know what the verb is for using an elliptical machine. So I made one up. If you don't like it, or know the correct one, you can email me at It's all part of cross training week, where my coach has given me a bit of a break from the swim bike run in preparation for the load to come. None the less, using the elliptical machine was brutal. I stuck it out for 30 minutes, and thought I was doing pretty good.

My legs and arms were getting all trembly in a way I haven't experienced in a while, and it's not because I was working super hard. (Or because, contrary to the imaginations of some of you, I was having deviant sex.) I had my heart rate and breathing in a nice place, so that was good. What wasn't good was the limited range of motion the machine forces on you. My body was getting super tired of that limited range of motion, especially my calves, and wanted something different. I was beginning to get odd jerks as I tried to go against the rhythm.

My running is all subtly different paces, stride lengths, balance changes, arm changes, and body posture changes as I react to changes in the footing, how fast I want to run, and how things are feeling. You can read that as being a lousy runner if you want, but I'm a people, not a robot. The elliptical machine is trying to turn me into a robot. Part of the machine, and I rebel against that!

This is a very low tech gym. It's the cardio room at Canyon Meadows pool, and there are no TV's or magazines or anything else to look at. The killer core class was just ending as I started, so that was the end of entertainment. I swear, the woman that runs that class makes Rebecca Sweeney look like a wimp. I wouldn't last 5 minutes. The gym has windows to look into the pool area, but this machine wasn't placed for the view, mores the pity. It was the swim lesson day for the next door high school kids. They need to be using much bigger bricks. Oh, and you have to weigh yourself to use the elliptical machine. With shoes I was 229.

After that I was supposed to do a mini core workout consisting of lots of plank and push ups. Normally it's been my arms that protest. Today it was my legs. I've never really had them collapse like that before. I did a bit of stretching, then called it a morning. Once home I walked for 30 minutes and my legs gradually started feeling better after that. Did a bit of stretching and rollering but my calves were still recovering. I'll have a go at it later, (I didn't, call me a slacker) and there's yoga class tonight. We've have a couple weeks off yoga classes due to some administrative issue at the studio, but it's all straightened up now. Yoga was excellent! Love it.

Paperwork should be signed tomorrow on the really really good news, and I'll share then. Try to live with the suspense. Sunny today, and nice for spring, but still not warm. I probably wouldn't have ridden outside, and I admire those that are getting it done. Thing is, while driving home from dropping Linda at work, the traffic announcer was saying there was a whiteout (snow!) at Scott Lake Hill, and another at Bragg Creek, which is only 30 K from here.

I couldn't believe the amount of garbage on the lawn! I was out picking it up and filled up a kitchen garbage bag. With a 7-11 just across the road, next week I'll have to do it all over again. Normally, this would set off a rant about littering, but I'm thinking of having a nap instead.


  1. I like your invented word -- it seems quite appropriate!

    Good on ya for having a nap instead of a rant too -- you needed the nap more and are better off for it. :) :)

  2. I used to have an elliptical - but used to fall out with it all the time so swapped it for a treadmill :)

    Sounds like cross training week is treating you harder than a tri week!!

    Wait with anticipation for the "other" news ......:)

  3. [No]r because, contrary to the imaginations of some of you, I was having deviant sex. ... I was beginning to get odd jerks as I tried to go against the rhythm.

    First: These two statements seem to contradict each other. Whatever you were doing it was weird and deviant and not Vatican-approved, so I withdraw Teh 'Dad's offer of Honorary Catholicism for you.

    Second: Define "deviant". I myself do not get out of bed for any activity that wouldn't get me arrested in at least 47 of our Great 50 States. And by "out of bed", I mean "into bed".

    (Except in the cases where no bed is involved. Now THAT's tasty deviance!)

    Third: Don't keep us in suspenders, Keef! Would it have been a pro- or anti-littering rant?


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