Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I hope this isn't a foreshadow of our summer

They said today would be 19 C (66 F), which easily passes for summer here. I was just out for a walk, and I can say for sure it's nowhere near 19. Maybe 10. Looking at the sky doesn't fill me with confidence that it will get any warmer. And get this??!! The forecast for tonight includes the possibility of snow flurries. That's springtime in Calgary for you. I bought something to BBQ tonight, and dammit will still do that, but it will be regular run of the mill winter BBQ. Summer is different, somehow. Wait, are those snowflakes?? Shit.

FOMC has never before had an aquatics class in the dive tank when I've been there. So today, when I'm showing up only to do deep water running, what's happening in the dive tank? You guessed it. The timing worked out just fine, since I did about 10 minutes of stretching and mobility work while they finished up. Then as they all cleared out I started my deep water run. I looked at my watch 44 minutes and 48 seconds later thinking it was maybe 30 minutes, but no, 12 seconds and I was done. The running was a combination of short fast "strides" and long stretchy strides, some of which had me pulling like front crawl and some with a loose fist. Then another 10 minutes of stretching and core work. Sadly, the hot tub was pretty luke warm, and normally it's nice.

During the nice part of the day I was out for a 40 minute semi-brisk walk. It sure hurt at first, as all the massage pummeled muscles were sending frantic messages about the state of life, but it all calmed down and turned into a nice walk. There's a bit of coughing so my lungs haven't cleared out yet. Then a half hour of stretching and rollering with the stick, and pigeon pose.

No slips or falls today. You should have seen the look Linda gave me yesterday when she realized there were some missing bits. Not much, nothing important, and nothing that won't be replaced soon. But that's not the way she looks at it. The swelling has gone down on my arm, and no bruising is showing up yet. Maybe tomorrow. Though I'm not going to win anything showing off any bruises in the locker room. There's a regular that's looking the the Biggest Loser of several bar fights. Two big huge black eyes, a swollen nose, and you can see where his lip has been cut. Plus a really bad scrape on a cheekbone. Or maybe he sassed his wife once too often, that's a possibility to keep in mind.

Oh, and speaking about slips and falls. I ordered my Road ID, and it should be in the mail today or tomorrow. Even better, for all of you, is they sent me a discount code. Yay! Now you too can join the people with a stylish wrist band containing info about what to do with your remains after Chester the Molester dumps your body, or some nice person comes across your unconscious body strewn across the road at the bottom of a hill after you wiped out dodging a moose or something.  By clicking on the link below, you get a dollar, a whole American dollar off your order placed by April 15, 2010. Which will just about cover the shipping costs. Click here. The coupon code, if you want to do it that way, is "ThanksKeith627384". Just do it.


  1. Only a moronic Chester Teh Molester would leave on the Road ID when dumping your carcass. Shouldn't he take it as a souvenir? And put it with all his other special things like his child's first tooth, his 5th grade spelling bee ribbon and all those dessicated human heads?

  2. You really shouldn't read my blog today...really you shouldn't.

    Does a Road ID make an interaction with Chester more likely? If so, I'll continue to run anonymously.

  3. I think us Canadians always forget just when spring actually occurs...we get a spate of nice weather and think, "YES! Spring is here!" But it's not.

    I'm sorry to be the one to remind you, buddy, but every May long weekend since May long weekends were invented we've had a blizzard in the Crowsnest Pass. And Calgary is the same way. Sorry, bud. (Here is a big, warm, cuddly hug to make things feel better though! Hee-hee!)

  4. For Jebus's sake, Keef! How many times do I have to tell you to STOP referring to me as "Chester" on your blog!1?

    It's such a weenie name!

    You're off my "To Be Molested" List now!


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