Thursday, March 25, 2010

Trying not to be a whiner, or a weiner, but...

Do you remember the start of Wide World of Sports? The announcer intoning "the agony of defeat" as the ski jumper pinwheels off the side of the ramp? Well, at least I haven't pinwheeled off my bike like that. Can you tell I'm clutching at straws here, trying to find the good parts of the workout?

Grading the half hour of core is an exercise in relativity. By the standards of what I was thinking of normal, it's pretty pathetic, but given recent performance, it's pretty good. At least I got through all three sets, only dropping one of the exercises. Held squats - my quads weren't having any of that. The rest got done, more or less. More was butt lift, and steps. Crunches and tricep dips were about the same. Less was plank. Geez, let's not talk about that.

The bike was a long slow warm up. My legs felt like noodles. I checked the gears again and again. It felt like big ring. It took 20 minutes to build to the point my legs would do 100 rpm. My legs weren't happy about this, and did not feel strong. Even at this mild effort I could feel them weakening and getting twitchier with the hams feeling like they were going to cramp. Worked with that for a bit hoping they would come around. By the time 30 minutes rolled around and I was trying for 105 rpm, I started getting the same pain in my left knee I had during the half marathon. Sigh. Grrrr. I gave up. I got off the bike. I could see no reason to continue pushing into pain to do what should be a trivial effort. Didn't even do a cool down, since properly speaking, I wasn't even warmed up.

In the morning walked for about 15 minutes before work, and for about a half hour at lunch. I had been thinking of taking my work clothes and running before work, but within 5 minutes of waking up I could tell that would be a bad idea. Plus, it was -5C!! (23F) Do you have any idea how cold that is after you've been having nice weather?


  1. 23F is cold no matter what.

    Just a time I thought was riding my ass off, and just couldn't GO...just like you described, and it turned out that one of the brakes was every so slightly rubbing the basically I was riding the brakes the whole time....just a thought.

    Onto other things.

    Excellent rant on G's blog about Club Penguin and other swear words of note. Quite usable, however, you might have too many references to things my poor "DevEd" students are unaware of like Groucho, or Karl or J. Edgar...although my students would know Lady Gaga (for sure).

    Is the weiner reference in your headline just for me and Will A Wiener? I'm honored.

  2. POO! I hope you get these issues sorted out -- it is soooo frustrating when you want to GO but the body has other ideas.

  3. Cold weather?! Did it drop from 35 to 23?

  4. -5 IS cold, I don't care who you are! Sorry it was lack luster at best. I am having left knee pain too, must be sympathy pains for ya.


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