Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I apricated briefly today

No, that's not a misspelling. Yes, that's a real word. What's more, I did it outside in our front patio, in front of the world and everybody. Make of it what you will.

The massage yesterday was a pummeling that wiped me out for the rest of the afternoon. It was a good and thorough, deeeeep massage. Wow. Nothing really wrong with my legs that stretching, rollering, massage, and a bit of rest won't cure. However, I'm getting more dubious by the hour about running in the 10 K on Saturday. I'm pretty sure I could do it, but the plan was to make it part of my regular workouts, and see if I could crack 1 hour. I'm not going to try it, and put off a full recovery for some indeterminate amount of time if my legs blow up. So you may well see the story of my first DNS this weekend.

Today was a forgetful day. It's a good thing my brain is permanently installed inside my head, but now I need to get a grip on my mind to keep it from wandering away. Older readers of my blog.... I mean, let me rephrase that. People that have been reading my blog for some time have a hint about what's coming.

It's true. Once again. Sigh. There I was, taking off my pants at FOMC, looking forward to my swim, when I suddenly realized I was lacking a certain essential gear. Not essential for swimming, per say, but essential for swimming in a public pool. My shorts were still on the corner of the chaise lounge in our bedroom, where I had walked past them several times while getting dressed, after having written out my workout plan, and got my swim bag all ready. About all I could do was shower and head off to where the car was going to get serviced, and hope they could start early. While waiting I got some real work done on a course I'm taking.

Just after lunch, I carefully packed again, and headed for Canyon Meadows. I got in a nice swim, working more on my form than anything else. No problems breathing this time. I was getting a really good grip on the water, and my flip turns were the best they've ever been! I was actually surfacing smoothly, like I do with open turns. I'm sure the good flip turns took some time off, because I wasn't really pushing for a fast swim, and I ended up doing a 19 minute K. Added in some pull, backstroke, and kick only, for a half hour total. Then another 20 minutes of water running, till my calves started to complain a bit. Then 10 minutes of core stuff. All good.

No, I'm not going to tell you what it means or what I was doing. No more hints, either. That would spoil all the fun. I want to see what you guys think it means before you go looking it up.


  1. I'll be vague, since I know what it means. I'm smart like that.

    It's way too cold for that Keith. I suppose that's why it was done so "briefly."

    Hope you enjoyed it!

  2. It's H-dogs favorite activity, next to running :)
    Hope you go for the may surprise yourself!

  3. I, too, apricated!! 'Twas luverly.

  4. I just apricated after my second cup of coffee. I feel at least 2lbs lighter.

  5. I apricated briefly today

    *sniff-sniff* Congratulations, Kanada Keef!1! For today ... YOU BECAME A WOMAN!1! And without the swimsuit? Lawdy, I'm guessin' also HAWT!1!

    Man, you should know better than to give me leave to make what I will of something. Because what I make? Yeah, it won't be pretty.

    But it also won't be two freakin' lbs like IO Missy's. Clogged the toilet again, did we, Missy?

  6. Uh, after reading the comments it's clearly NOT what I thought it meant! :)

    Thanks for your advice. Your so right and I'm definately taking it to heart. I'm still a immature athlete (only a couple of years running - literally) and I guess I don't know the difference between fatigue and tired. Plus it tends to hit me when it's too late of course and I can't take anythign back at that point. Work smarter, not harder right.

  7. Sorry - dude, I had to look it up, I had NO idea. LOL! :) :)

    Hope you do the 10km -- I like what Amber said -- you might surprise yourself!! :)


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