Friday, March 26, 2010

The 6am water is not calm

FOMC opens late, at 6am, but the door is open a few minutes early. I got there just in time to be the third one into the pool. The plan called for 2800 m, but I think I did 3000. There was a bit of pull that felt so good going back and forth I kept on going. Just a few minutes over an hour. No drama today, so the llama would have been fine.

Fairly strong swim for me. The two girls in the next lane, I found out later, were doing a 1500 m time trial. One kept me on pace in that my moderates were a hair faster than her regular pace. The other cruised along somewhere between my hard and sprint pace. Great flip turn. I need to be opening my hips up sooner and engaging my abs more.

After the swim I was into the dive tank for some stretching and a bit of deep water running. I'm feeling pretty beat up these days. The shoulders are good for swimming, once I warm up, and feel good during swimming, but after they are sore. My legs are shite right now. Even the 15 minute walk at lunch time was painful. My right hip flexors were protesting.

Given that it's been a training week, I've spent a lot more time than usual hunched in a non ergonomic setup, and I can really feel it this evening. What a party animal I am. It's 8pm; I'm going to hit publish in a minute, chug some vitamins, and go to bed. Tomorrow is going to be sleep in as much as possible, and enjoy not doing any workouts.


  1. That's my kind of party animal life too - hahahaha! Sounds like a good swim - get you, fin boy!

  2. Enjoy your day off tomorrow! The extra sleep will do you good. :)

  3. That last paragraph - bed at 8?1!? - reminds me of the luuuzer life of this luuuzer I know. Perhaps you've heard of him?

    His name is Glaven.

  4. Why is it that before I started to be a healthy individual (working out, running, cycling, etc) I could sit around on my fat ass all day and not be sore.

    Now, if I sit around all day, when I stand up? You'd think I'd just run a marathon?

    What is THAT about?

  5. Dive tank. Is that like a dunk tank, except that you perpetually hanging by your ankles until someone nails the target with a softball and you dive into the tank? No? I bet I'm close.


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