Thursday, March 11, 2010

I am chipped and dubious

This cold is clinging on, teeth, toenails, and suckers. What, you think an octo-mucous monster doesn't have toenails? You should meet mine. Mostly I feel pretty good, just with some coughing fits every now and then.

As soon as I got home I started in on the core, and it went pretty well. Oddly enough it was the very top of my hip flexors that were sore. Rollered them in particular. That was half an hour, and I could feel the effort. Once on the bike I could feel the rust. I wasn't feeling strong, and my spin was very clunky. A half an hour of steady pedaling mostly about 90 rpm and I was still getting funny twitches in my legs and going over 100 rpm was contra-indicated. Rather than push, I got off. Stretched for a little bit and rollered.

Later in the day I went for a fairly brisk 35 minute walk. At first I wanted to run, but by the end of it I could start feeling some pull in my calves. More stretching and rollering.

In the evening I picked up my race package. The cotton T shirt is nice, bright green and long sleeved. It actually fits me, which is a bit of a surprise. The other surprise was picking up my chip. I'm used to getting the chip on race day. Nothing else but advertising in the race package.

I really don't know if I'm going to race or not. I probably won't make the final decision until Saturday morning. Still, I have to go up there, at least to return the chip, so maybe I'll start with the herd. I can always bail out at 5 K if things are hurting. Besides, I have to meet Leana sooner or later.


  1. Oh, I know that pestery octo-mucous monster and I don't like him one bit! I hope he leaves you alone soon-esp so you can kick butt in your race this weekend!

  2. Some of the bugs around here have been hanging around for weeks - annoying hey! Anyhow, if I was you, Id' give the start a go and see what happens - but you'll know best when you wake on Saturday, for sure!

    KNow what you mean about the hip flexors, I'm rollering mine all the time, they tight little b****ers!


  3. I've made last minute race/run decisions. At least you still have toenails. ;)

  4. Good call. A 10k is so not worth it. I would do the same. I'm really hoping to hear you were able to finsih the whole race strong! Good Luck. Kick ass.

  5. I have to meet Leana sooner or later

    Yeah, here in Joisey? "Meeting Leana" is slang for ... let's just say ... "some quality alone time" and leave it at that.

    I had no idea it meant the same thing up there in Kanadia.

    Of course, I never let "meeting Leana" get in the way of racing because how long does it take?

    Like 30 seconds, tops.

    I mean, that won't make you a stud in anyone's book, but it's good enough for "meeting Leana".

    On the off-chance there's a real Leana and she reads this blog ...


  6. Um ... just learned there is a real Leana and she reads this here blog.

    Good thing I pre-apologized ...

    Here in Joisey. we've changed the slang for "quality alone time" to "Gettin' Yo' KEEF on".


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