Sunday, March 28, 2010

Improvement has happened

I did nothing at all yesterday. NOTHING AT ALL. Unless you count combing a cat who loves to be combed, reading the papers, and going to a dear friend's goodbye party as activities worthy of blogging about. No, she's not dying, she's only moving to BC.

The last several weeks have been the biking pit of despair. Being on the bike has sucked. I had no idea what to expect today. My legs don't particularly feel any different, but woooo-weeeeeee! They sure behaved differently! Within 5 minutes of getting on the bike I was up to 100 rpm and it felt great, which is a big change from struggling for 20 minutes to get there last Thursday. Still, I knew things weren't "fixed" and things could go off the rails pretty quick, so I still did a good warmup, with brief spin ups to 120 rpm. Lots of one leg drill, more than what the plan called for. Lots of cadence pyramids and ladders, mostly topping out at 110, because 120 still wasn't totally comfortable for longer than about 10 or 15 seconds. All this was in an easy gear, keeping it thoroughly aerobic. My legs were very happy to spin at 90 rpm, without me even trying to go there. Stood for several minutes, still in a fairly easy gear, just to stretch and see what my legs thought. Not bad. For just a couple minutes I got into a time trial gear, just to see. Up to about 85 rpm was ok, but didn't want to push it. Did a 15 minute cool down, for 90 minutes total.

Before and after did 15 minutes of gentle stretching and rollering. The plan called for some core, and to run off the bike, but I thought that was being just a bit optimistic. I decided to take a good solid bike and call it a day, rather than push too much and hurt something that is just beginning to feel happy again. Walked later in the afternoon, since it's practically summer here. (Today. There is still more snow to come.)

By the standards of the last month, this workout was over the moon. By my regular standards this is a good recovery spin workout. So I'm very, very pleased. I'm hoping the legs are finally coming around, and the run will improve too.

Weekly Summary
Swim 2.66 hrs
Bike 2.25 hrs
Run 0.5 hrs
Walk 1.5 hrs
Core 2.75 hrs
Total 9.66 hrs


  1. Please tell me you combed the cat's hair backwards. Please...

  2. Yeah, these recoveries always seem to take forever when you're going through them. But it'll feel better once you are fully recovered and you'll realize it was smart not to push it.

    I think today is gonna be a do-nada day for me.

    But that's just because I'm lazy.

    I can't even work up the energy to make something nasty out of CV's comment re: how you stroked teh p*ssy. (<-- By which I mean c*t!1!)

  3. great day that. :-) just started my run to the finish for the canada ironman. might have to try that one leg riding thing.... does it help much ?

  4. glad you had a stellar session. let's hope U can parlay that into future solid sessions!!

  5. I'm not buying this whole "NOTHING AT ALL" nonsense. I'm thinking you should've listed "Cyberstalked a random Amerikan" between combing the cat and reading the paper.

  6. Hi there Keith, sounds like you had a great couple of days all round. Hopefully you and Cath will get to do a race again this year and I'll be able to come and support you again!

    One thing, are you sure it said core? Might have been curry :)


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