Friday, March 12, 2010

Better, but still dubious

The swim this morning was supposed to be 3K, some of it quite fast. The pool was a bit of a zoo though, with fast and slow people mixed in. I thought I had my two lane mates tuned in about who was the faster swimmer, till she stopped at the end, saw me right there, and pushed off in front of me. Yeah, you know the ending to that story. I didn't swim over her, but swam right down the middle line THAT close to her. Then left her in my wake. By the 35 minute mark I could tell I was running out of steam, and called it at 45 minutes. Form was getting sloppy, and I was starting to sound like Julie, even though I wasn't working THAT hard. I think it's the remnants of the cold.

From there I joined the zoo in the dive tank and water ran for 30 minutes. Discovered, totally by accident, a great catch and elbows up drill to do. Then a few minutes of stretching.

Then really, really good news happened! Once a few details get nailed down and some paper is signed, I'll share the details.

Back at home I decided to do a short easy run to see what my legs think. Brisk walk 5 minutes, easy run 10 minutes, with a couple of strides near the end. My lungs weren't so happy about it, and there were some interesting aches and nigglies and sore bits. Maybe, if I'd continued running, they would have worked themselves out. Maybe. Some of them felt pretty darn sore. Walked another 5 minutes, then down into the basement for a half hour of stretching and rollering. Pigeon pose forever!

Am I gonna run tomorrow? I could leave you in suspense, but won't because I'm so good to you all. Especially Jenna because she introduced us to all the hot people in those photos. Yes, I will run tomorrow, at least around the block to see what my legs think. Then I'll decide about the race.


  1. Am I gonna run tomorrow? ... Yes, I will run tomorrow, at least around the block ...

    O, you Big Tease!

    No wonder you've cornered the market on dubiety.

  2. You go, Keith....gooooo! Fingers crossed for the final details on the really, really good news - we wait in suspense....

  3. What's considered "quite fast?" Quite fast for you or quite fast for me?

    Also, the really good news...again, really good news for you or really good news for me? I'm a little nervous that this doesn't relate to me at all! ;)

  4. Great news about the accidental swimming discovery -- not so great about that damn tenacious cold.

    And you are soooo not allowed to leave us in suspense like this...Some paper signed? Hmmmmm. I am excited and I don't even know why! :) :)

    Sounding like moi? Egad. That IS bad. Miss you buddy!

  5. Do it, do it...I'm up and ready to run, are YOU!? I've got a half mary in the cold rain, sounds like good times and pneumonia.

  6. Congrats in adavance about your "really, really good news"!!!!

    (It doesn't involve your foreskin, I hope?)

  7. That "adavance"? NOT a misspelling. It's totally how we spell it here in Amerikuh. Just to clarify...


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