Monday, January 8, 2018

Macro Monday 17, a somewhat alien outlook?

In some ways, this first photo is terrible. The feature part of the subject is way out of focus, and the bits that are in focus aren't really properly part of the shot.

But I'm intrigued. Doesn't it sort of look a little like a hunched over alien figure, peering out of a pressure helmet? Or maybe their faces are kind of glassy anyways. There's a sprig of hair out back, or maybe that's part of their sensory apparatus.

Here's a sharper photo, at a slightly different angle. Not as much fun, perhaps.

This is another go at wine diamonds. Up to now they've been sort of swirly curvy, and not terribly interesting. But I like the sharp angles here. They sort of look like scales.

And finally, a wine diamond that's actually almost diamond shaped, with tiny little facets. This one is about a mm across at the widest. The clear crystal above was almost too small to see.

I'm thinking the time has come to build a light box and start on my glass paperweights, and see how that works out. Plus I had an interesting idea for lighting I want to try, if I can keep the cats under control while I use it, hint hint. Should have tried with the wine diamonds. Oh well.

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