Friday, December 22, 2017

You used to be able to see the mountains

This is progress?

That heap is what is technically known as a haul road. There are ginormous trucks hauling material back and forth, making the bees look like slackers. I liked the mountain view better, but sooner or later I'll be driving on that highway. Maybe the passenger can see the mountains. The driver had better keep their eyes on the road the way traffic has been here lately.

I have to admit I wonder what that little tree thinks of the whole production, and how it got spared.

It just snowed, as you may recall. This seems to press the stupid driver button for Calgarians. Or as some put it, the all season tire collision and coffee klatsch meet up. I'm glad I haven't had to be driving much lately.

My buddy Sean and I had a lovely morning tramping around South Glenmore park. The lighting was not the best, but the important part is being out, chatting with a buddy, and looking for the shots. He had run past there on the main path many times, but never been on the smaller paths.

A couple photos from the morning as the light was coming out.

I was quite taken by this little decorated tree. It warms my cold heart thinking that someone took the time and trouble to bring some ornaments and hang them on the tree.

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