Thursday, December 21, 2017

Cats don't care about shopping

Nope. They lie there in a heap, ignoring the whole thing. I wish I could. Don't get me started. Shopping. Sheesh. Who invented that?

During one recent walk through Fish Creek I crawled under a bridge and was getting some shots of ice and rocks and reflections and stuff. I quite liked it and got a few compliments on it. You can see the original here, but I was playing with it as shapes, and converted it to black and white to see what that did. I'm not sure it works as well, but you can judge for yourself.

It's getting close to year end. Don't forget I'll be doing an Ask Me Anything early in the new year. Send a question, and I'll answer it, and probably more than you bargained for. See last year as an example.

Plus I'm working on Image of the Year. If there are any favourites that you'd like to remind me of, I'd be happy for your suggestions.

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