Saturday, December 2, 2017

Playing with the clouds, and cats

Everybody loves brilliant flaming sunrises or sunsets. But I was looking out at sunset earlier this week, and wondering how the new camera would capture the subtle cloud colours and textures.

The moon is always hard. Here's it's just beginning to emerge from the clouds, but I was mainly trying to see if I could get both the moon and the bit of colour all into the same shot, along with some of the shades of blue.

Curtis is just so impossibly cute. It was only after I walked away I realized I should have done a video to see if it would pick up the little snores and grunts.

I disturbed Celina's beauty sleep. "The Cat Judge shall hear of this!"

With Linda being away, both cats have tried 'helping' with various tasks. I'm not sure why they thought operating the track pad with their head was a good idea. Cats are mysterious. In any case, they offered a great many editorial comments.

These are iPhone photos.

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