Sunday, December 3, 2017

Split tree mortality

Once upon a time these trees were both alive and growing. I'm not sure if they're twins started from the same seed, or just seeds that started really close together. We'd have to dig them up to find out if they share a root structure, or if it's intertwined. That would be hard on the living tree, so lets not.

Then not long ago something happened to the tree on the right. Maybe the wind was just right to affect one tree and not the other. Maybe the one on the right had a disease that weakened it enough that some stress snapped it. I'm pretty sure that it would have looked fine to us the day before.

Whatever their origin, the two trees grew up, doing their tree thing together, never suspecting that one would die and the other go on. I'm reminded of the tale of Baucis and Philemon, but wonder if the so-called gods were playing with them.

Look at the people around you. Maybe they are family, and you share genes with them. Perhaps they are adopted family with no genetic relationship, but a close relationship of ongoing shared experiences. Maybe they are friends with some degree of shared experiences.

Some people are better at withstanding some stresses than others, but  how do you really know for sure till it happens? All we see is the outside, and while that sometimes gives us some clues, most of the time it doesn't help. Then there's what they tell us, but there's three problems; they might not know themselves, they might not be telling the truth if they know, or we might not be correctly hearing what they say. Then we're surprised when they are afflicted by some stress and they die.

Oh sure, we think, they were in poor health so it's not a shock. But it is a surprise because they lived through yesterday, why not today? What happened? That day will come to all of us, we just don't know when, or why. All we can do is be strong like the oak when that's called for, or supple like the willow in the wind, and enjoy it while you can.

The other thing is to think about the stresses you are putting on those around you. Be honest, are you stressing them, or making their life easier?

Be kind instead.

Be honest with yourself, what stresses are you creating within you? Do you worry about things that are not likely to happen? Do you fly off the handle at the slightest little thing? Do you eat or drink too much and stress your body that way? Abuse drugs?

Stop it.

I look at the world and see so much artificial stress. This coming season is famous for stressing almost everyone. There's so much focus on gifts, and having the perfect time with your family, doing all the things that you are SUPPOSED to do. Don't get me started on road rage in between those activities Just stop.

Dial back and enjoy the people in your life.

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