Sunday, December 10, 2017


This was a contemplative day, both before and after a butter tart hunt and a dear friend came to visit to pick out some photos for her own purposes.

I got a great deal on a RAID drive last week, and I'm hoping it will get delivered this week. Then I can shuffle images around and make it easier to do some of the planned organizational work. Just thinking about this is a bit daunting, but I want to weed out some of the images, review star assignments and keywording, and build a better system for keeping track of photos for various purposes. I've been sort of making it up as I go along, and the shortcomings of such an approach are becoming obvious.

As always I'm working on the next Image of the Month, but I'm beginning to think about the 2017 Image of the Year. Yes, the best photo I've done all year. To make the selection even harder, It's not just the 12 monthly images in the running. There are several runner up images that are better than some of the monthly winners. I'm going to give all the 4 and 5 star images from this year a critical look to try to think about what made them good photos (at least in my mind) and what needs to happen to make better photos.

I already know which photo that dear friend would pick as image of the year, but I'm curious about which image from the year is most vivid to you? Feel free to let me know which one you think should be image of the year. You've got some time. That might come up as late as mid January, depending how much I dither over the final choice.

Also in January I do an Ask Me Anything feature. You ask the question, I'll do an answer, and fair warning, it might be more than you expect.

I've got plans for some more macro photos to show up on Monday. I just need to actually shoot them. Guess what I'm doing tomorrow...

Just for you flower junkies. The hibiscus in the back has bloomed once again! I was going to try to catch the bloom fully open but missed it. You have to settle for this instead.

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