Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Fish Creek reflections in search of a tree

After finding the tree I wandered back towards bridge 3 trying to take paths I've not seen before. I found a few reflection shots in the river, which was a bit of a surprise given the flat light.

No bridge shots though I saw bridges 3, 4, and 5. Some of you appear to have missed out on the weekend bridge shots, one of which is a leading contender for image of the month at the moment.

Today was retirement stuff, thinking about money, and taxes. This will be an ongoing feature, to keep our money working for us and not the government.

It was also another step in upgrading the house lighting. I've stuck in a couple of LED bulbs in the basement to see what I think. Now we've started to convert the halogen pot lights to LED. Today was replacing a florescent fixture in the basement. It was cheaper to buy a whole new fixture than replace a ballast. Retirement fun!

Some of the upcoming features that you will want to watch for, and possibly provide input.

Image of the year is coming up. I already know which photo a dear friend would pick as image of the year, but I'm curious about which image from the year is most vivid to you? Feel free to let me know which one you think should be image of the year. You've got some time. That might come up as late as mid January, depending how much I dither over the final choice.

Also in January I do an Ask Me Anything feature. You ask the question, I'll do an answer, and fair warning, it might be more than you expect.


  1. I helped your stats the other day and did a quick scan of the photos you had posted this year. Besides the Yukon trip I found contenders, to my eye, on the following days 02-13, 03-14, 03-27, 04-10, 05-05, 11-11, 11-01, 12-2. I will keep you posted. Cheers, Sean

  2. PS I returned to picture 2 in this post, and wa rewarded for my visit. it holds the eye, and there is much to explore. I like it. Cheers, Sean


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