Thursday, January 31, 2013

just one more word

I'm still at 27 words. I need one more word to make February complete. Please and thank you.

Funny how the day goes sometimes. There I was, chugging away methodically on stuff at work. Then I got an xl exception report, telling me about 355 things that didn't load. I don't know why, though I only had about an hour to look at them. The one I checked in detail should have loaded. Sigh. Tomorrow might a 2 fully caffeinated coffee cup morning. After my swim. With any luck at all that will wake me up.

I want to go for a run, but I'm not feeling the workout love here. This working full time, and trying to train on top of it is difficult. I have no idea how the people with kids cope. One of the bloggers I follow says you don't find it under the kitchen table, you have to make time. She is right, it isn't under the kitchen table. I looked, just to be sure. Maybe the cats stole it, they seem to have lots of time.

The TV research project is moving no further ahead. There are several DVD's worth of shows I want to watch, but somehow it's just not happening. Maybe I should defer the whole thing till when the TV actually dies, since by then maybe Apple will finally have come out with the long rumoured Apple TV set that radically reworks the whole television watching experience. Uhuh.

The weeks sure seem to go by quickly these days. I remember talking to my grandmother once when I was about 10, expressing frustration that my birthday was a long time coming. She was sharp about saying not to wish myself old, that it would happen soon enough, and one day I would look back and wonder how a day could possibly seem so long. Well Grandma, it's true. Seems like I blink, and it's time to fill out another timesheet at work. Another blink and the weekend is over.

Sometimes I wonder what it is that I'm doing when I'm not paying attention. Maybe I've been taken over by the brain sucking aliens, and I'm carrying out their insidious plan in a fugue state. How would I know?

One more word, dear readers, one more word into the breech! Wall up that barrier with your literary gems, and I don't wish for one 10 thousandth of the words available. Just one.


  1. To you my word is 'juxtaposition'. Like you, I don't know where the time goes. My theory is that there are nanobot sized critters moving the clock hands whenever people are not looking at it. They are fast, too - I've tried to catch a glimpse of them from the corner of my eye but I've never done it yet. However, the time on the clock is always later than I thought it would be! YWBL.

  2. Do you have a netflix account? There are so many great TV shows to watch on there. Oldies but goodies. You may be wondering how to watch streaming netflix on your TV. Grab yourself the iPad HDMI cable connector.

    1. No Netflix account yet. The problem is that our tv is primitive. It was a model phase out when we bought it boxing day 2002. Yes, 2002, so it's just passed the 10 years in service mark. It was built before HDMI was invented. I think the only inputs on it are RCA and S video. Shocking, I know.

    2. That's too bad! Blu Ray players from the last two years typically have Netflix depending on the brand.


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